Apologetic Resources

Apologetics Resources for Alabama Baptist

This list is something I\’ve compiled for the Alabama Baptist concerning apologetic resources that are generally accepted in our community and are written from a scholarly perspective. Many of the authors below have actually been used by Tactical Faith in equipping the local churches around Alabama in the past. So, you don\’t have to be Baptist to enjoy and benefit from this list. It\’s a merely apologetic list, and should be enjoyed as such. 

Tactical Faith Radio – Episode #2

Join us as we interview Alan Cross on our new podcast. He is the pastor of Gateway Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL, and the author of When Heaven and Earth Collide: Racism, Southern Evangelicals and the Better Way of Jesus. It’s published by New South, Inc.
Alan talks about his journey that brought him to Montgomery, and how that led him down the path of asking how the church could accept such rampant racism at certain times in it’s past. This study led ultimately to writing a book on the subject.
Were the good old days actually that good?