Tactical Faith Productions

“Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.” C.S. Lewis  

“Tactical Faith seeks to engage our culture about important faith issues that will have a meaningful impact.  For over a decade we have followed our mandate to help Christians understand their beliefs in such a way that it showcases itself in how they think and act within their own communities.  For all of us at Tactical Faith every article, event or podcast is directed towards honoring Jesus.  We modeled our nonprofit with the hopes that we can help make a difference within the whole Church.  Below are a few examples of some of the work we have done over the years and hopefully it is a testament to how we are aiming at heaven with our feet firmly planted in God’s mission field on Earth.”

-Matthew Burford  Founder of Tactical Faith

African Witness in the Ukraine

Dr. Ankai-Taylor, the first African pastor in the Ukraine, details his fascinating story about his life in Africa and how he is now living and supporting Ukrainians amidst a horrible war. *US Captions available via YouTube for Dr. Ankai-Taylor Produced: Tactical Faith, INC. Directed: Matthew Burford Camera and Post-Production: Mateo Zarate.

Sammy Gilbreath Institute

This was a project showcasing the wonderful and faithful work of evangelist Sammy Gilbreath. His tireless work in the southeast as a modern Billy Graham has had far reaching affects on the state of Alabama and beyond.

Material Witness and AAOF’s*

Material Witness is an event presentation by author, rockstar, and apologist Doug Powell. It is an encounter with the Shroud of Turin and other ancient artifacts. But our adventure with Doug doesn’t stop there. We facilitated and developed Ancient Art of Facts* as a website and as a podcast that showcases the historical reliability of Christianity, as well as a deeper dive into artifacts that are part of the Christian tradition.

Discern – Dreher/Leithart

“Live not by lies” author, Rod Dreher, and Theopolis Institute President, Dr. Peter Leithart, talk candidly with philosopher Dr. Travis Coblentz about the secularization of American culture and the future of the American church.

Greer Heard Forums

Tactical Faith was pleased to partner with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to live stream their Greer Heard Forums. While we did this multiple years, here we are showcasing our work as we live-streamed a debate between William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll. At a time when streaming wasn’t as easy as downloading Tik-Tok, we were able to bring this content to a global market, all while showcasing Christ as exemplary.