Hunter Street – Night Life Summer Mini-Term

hunter-street-logo-revised-temporaryApologetics and the Bible is the theme for our three Wednesday Night Life mini-term classes in June. Christian apologetics is how we give a defense for our faith. Join us as we tackle three questions that often arise about our faith and learn how to contend for the orthodox viewpoint reasonably and with the right character. Guest speakers are Dr. Mark Gignilliat of Beeson Divinity, author and speaker Doug Powell, and Hunter Street member and director of Tactical Faith, Matthew Burford.

[toggles] [toggle title=”June 10 – God of the Old Testament – Is God a Moral Monster?” id=”b1″] Dr. Mark Gignilliat, Professor of Divinity of Old Testament at Beeson Divinity, will discuss the modern and ancient heterodox notion that the God of the OT is different than the NT. Leading atheists have stated that the Old Testament portrays God as a brutal moral monster. How do we provide an answer against this charge? Dr. Gignilliat will talk about the Marcion controversy that tried to deal with this issue and how the God of the Old Testament was not just an opening act. [/toggle] [toggle title=”June 17 – New Testament Witness – Are the Gospels trustworthy?” id=”b2″] Author and speaker Doug Powell (B&H publishing) will discuss the reliability and trustworthy nature of the New Testament Witness in the Gospel documents. Some modern scholars argue that the Gospel accounts are not trustworthy due to variations and manuscript errors. Powell will provide evidence to showcase the veracity of the Gospel message and how we can be confident witnesses to its truth claims. [/toggle] [toggle title=”June 24 – Imago Dei” id=”b3″] What does it mean to have the image of God? Does the value of life hinge on this biblical concept? Join pro-life leader and trainer Jay Watts as he speaks about the grounding of human life in the Biblical Text. 
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