Salt 2014 January

When: January 18th and 19th of 2014

Where: First Baptist Church of Montgomery. Montgomery, Al.

Partnerships: Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, First Baptist Church Montgomery, Faith Radio

Speakers: Jay Watts, Alex McFarland, Bob Stewart, Paul Copan, Richard Howe and Doug Powell

What I remember:  The second installment of the SALT conference, an acronym for Strategic Answers to Life’s thoughts,  built on the success of the first conference held in 2013. The conference was organized in order to bring Christian thinkers under one roof for a weekend in the state of Alabama.  From Tactical Faith’s perspective it was another rounding success. The quality of topics ranged from philosophical to historical as we relied on great speakers to paint a picture of the robust nature of our faith. With our wonderful partnerships we were able to bring quality education to the city of Montgomery and to those in the surrounding counties.

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Dr. Bob Stewart
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SALT Conference 2014
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Salt 2014 January
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