Medicine & Miracles 2014

Medicine and Miracles

When: February 2014

Where:  Birmingham, Al

Partnerships: Beeson Divinity School, Christian Medical Ministry, and Southeastern Bible College, Ratio Christi of UAB, Mountain Chapel United Methodist Church

What I remember:  It is great to be able to bring ministries, churches and schools together and this event was no exception.  Dr. Gary Habermas and Dr. Craig Keener spoke many times around the Birmingham area.  The weeks events culminated at a great lecture series at Beeson on the concept of Miracles (theological and philosophical).  Also we were able to get Dr. Habermas in front of first and second year MDs and Dentist at University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He spoke on the topic of Near Death Experiences which brought about a lively discussion of the metaphysical and medicine.

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