An Event with Deeper Magic

“Youth and age touch only the surface of our lives.”

― C.S. Lewis, quote from That Hideous Strength

It was such an honor to have Dr. Jason Baxter in Birmingham. His work on the Medieval period, especially when it came to examining the works of C.S. Lewis, brought many issues of the modern world into focus. Watching so many students at Samford University take in Dr. Baxter’s thoughts and wisdom reminded me why we work so hard at Tactical Faith. We are devoted to helping the Church think. We are also devoted to creating spaces where Christians of all traditions can come and fellowship. Having Orthodox and many different denominations of Protestants work together to welcome one of the leading young Catholic thinkers is something I cherish. The events are important but they also serve as justification for the fellowship and conversations that happen between the lectures. Moments shared together in our great state remind me what it will be like when get to heaven and the new Earth. Instances where we can be transformed and transparent and learn new things about our eternal Lord and SAVIOR Jesus Christ. Time moves through us all and we build so much of our identity based on things like age and experience. However, when you are in a lecture room with Christians of all age groups thinking under the banner of Christ none of that matters. In those moments deeper magic prevails.

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