Lifted and dried
Poached in darkness
He hangs bare

Sweat and death
His body feels hollow 
Why did you give up?

Metal and Wood
The nails come out slippery
I mauled more of your hand. 

Dim and Dull
Your face no longer holds sway.
Oh my teacher you smell. 

Peeled and broken
You lay on my skin
Why am I whispering in your ear? 

Laid and splayed 
I lay you on a cloth
I lose my breath.

Wrapped and trapped
I prepare you for rest
The stone will block the jeers 

Open and honest
I tried to be my best
The corpse still haunts . 

Down and dark 
I hold back disdain. 
Kingdom of God was near

Rest and Reflection 
The sound of rock at my back
You cut my heart.