Dr. Tim McGrew

Grassroots Apologetic Day
March 16th, 2013
Tim McGrew Live Stream

You are invited to join us via live stream to Tactical Faith’s “Grassroots Apologetic Day”. We take one weekend out each year to help honor the everyman/everywoman apologist that God calls us all to be. Each year we would like to take one professional apologist and connect him with those of us in the “third column.” This year we have the honor of hosting Dr. Timothy McGrew as our teacher and weekend mentor. Dr. Tim is a Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University. He is a philosopher and apologist who has written extensively in areas pertinent to epistemology. He is also actively developing the Library of Historical Apologetics.

Of course here at Tactical Faith we are in the business of giving away our ministry. So in accordance to that idea we will be sharing our time with you and those outside our state. You can follow us all day at /live-stream and feel free to email us questions or get in line for our all day google hangout. For more information about that please email admin@tacitcalfaith.com or matt@tacticalfaith.com


External Evidences for the Gospels:


The Evidence of Institutions for the Truth of Christianity


Undesigned Coincidences

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