Tim Barnett Interview

This is the longest of our interviews. I’ll have to apologize for rambling too much, but I really clicked with Tim Barnett at the True Story Conference put on by Maven Ministries. Tim is from Canada and is a full … Read more

Jonathan Morrow Interview

Jonathan Morrow is the director of cultural engagement of Impact 360 in Georgia. Jonathan has been a long time friend of Tactical Faith, so we were anxious to interview him and help him promote his ministry. The focus of this organization … Read more

Erin Kunkle Interview

We missed interviewing Brett Kunkle, founder and president of Maven Ministries, but turns out Erin Kunkle is a lot cooler. Erin Kunkle is Brett’s better half, and she has great things to say about being a parent, the appropriate use … Read more

Cathryn Neracher Interview

Here is the second interview that we did in Oxford, Mississippi at the Maven Conference, “True Story”. Cathryn Neracher is a former atheist and is also the founder of Evangetics ministry in Motor City. Coming from a legal background, she found … Read more

Ryan Ries Interview

If you have not heard Ryan\’s testimony, or listened to him talk about the divine intervention that happened in his life while Jesus was saving him, then you are missing out. This guy has a passion for Jesus, and a willingness to bear the cross of Jesus.