Jesus Knocks

We have developed a plugin for WordPress that is inspired by two things. The first and foremost inspiration is Jesus. His words are an inspiration to a multitude, as well as a guide for discipleship and life. We believe he is truly God and truly man. We hold to his teachings and we worship him as God.

Our second inspiration is WordPress. As long as we have had a website, we have used the WordPress application as the framework for our website. We love this open source platform, and that it encourages people to write beautiful code. It has facilitated our nonprofit for over a decade and by submitting this simple plugin, we wanted to give back to that community.

“Jesus Knocks” is based off of “Hello, Dolly” and functions as such. When you download our plugin, you will see the sayings of Jesus, as found in the Gospels, in the upper right hand corner of the admin section of your WordPress site. We hope you are blessed by plugin. We have submitted it to for inclusion in their plugin section. Hopefully, we will have a direct link to that soon, but for now, we have it available here for download.

If you would like to know more about WordPress, you can find the site here!